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Hublify Web-API

your data && your control

Read and write all your data. Trigger processes. Generate reports.
Easily integrate Hublify's microservices into your IT eco-system.
Take back control!

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Quickly get an understanding on how you can benefit from using the api
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API Reference

Browse all endpoints and discover microservices to access Hublify as a headless system
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Boost your start! Here are snippets and examples for a jumpstart
The Developer DOCS !


Less words. More code. So, let's dive directly into a real life example.


Endpoint Url: https://{your hublify url}/api/eos_10/data_get


    "dataset": "person",
    "fields": [ "personid", "firstname", "lastname" ],
    "filter": { 
        "firstname": "luke"


    "data": {
        "personid": "K00000001",
        "firstname": "Luke",
        "lastname": "Skywalker"
    "status": true